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Marian Andrew's Indie Books and More Podcast

"Marian Andrew chats with N. Daniel, the American author of the books, Corners Untouched by Madness and the sequel, Burn this City to the Ground. In this podcast, we discuss the inspiration behind his books and all the challenges we face as self-published indie authors. His books and website are linked to the podcast page of my website."









Straight Talk Mental Health Podcast

This week we're straight talking Mental Health in America with author N. Daniel. Nick is an author and caregiver in Minneapolis who actually worked with George Floyd and he tells what his experience of George was like and his experience of the riots. Nick also opens up about his own mental health from suffering with PTSD, Bipolar 1 and anxiety to being committed to a mental health hospital by the courts. We also discuss the failings of the police in America in dealing with mental health issues and recidivism of former prison inmates.

Creative Conversations with Marissa Lete

In this episode, I chat with author N. Daniel about his journey into writing memoir as creative nonfiction, how using your voice and sharing your story can help others in similar situations, the vulnerability of writing about your own life, and so much more!

Finding Weird Podcast with Eric Dean

Welcome back for Episode 18!  Today we sit down with author and blogger, N. Daniel, who just recently released a new book, Burn this City to the Ground, which chronicles his mental health recovery and development of a new friendship while living in Minneapolis during the riots over the murder of George Floyd. Don’t worry, this episode doesn’t stay too heavy as we then move on to discuss MMORPGs while taking a gut punch of nostalgia, and even talk about erotic roleplay in World of Warcraft… hey, if you know you know. 

Books Boys Podcast with Dean and PJ

TheDean! & PJ chat about their December reading, give their top 3 books they reviewed in 2021, and interview author N. Daniel ( who called in to talk about his brand new book Burn This City To The Ground 

Books discussed include:

- La Casa De Los Espiritus (Isabel Allende, 1982)
- Nicomachean Ethics (Aristotle, 350 BC)
- The War Of The Worlds (H.G. Wells, 1898)
- The Picture Of Dorian Gray, (Oscar Wilde, 1890)
- The Sheep Man's Christmas (Haruki Murakami, 1989)
- Burn This City To The Ground (N. Daniel, 2021)

Episode 15 (Part Two)

Creative Conversations with Marissa Lete

Second Podcast Episode

In this episode, author N. Daniel is back to discuss poetry and how it can help us become better writers! This episode also features the first ever poetry reading on Creative Conversations - N. Daniel shares two of his poems with us:

Tidal and He Willed It So. 

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