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Because you never said goodbye... - A Poem by N. Daniel

Because you never said goodbye...

Because you never said goodbye I never knew the reason why, forgetting in my own concern the absence I could not discern.

The moment that you went away, contained within the brightest day, was missed, and though I cared to know, I was not there to see you go.

Lost inside reluctant dreams that were not always what they seemed, I did not notice your advance that had begged me to take a chance.

You tried to say that you loved me but I had been too blind to see. So, there could be no fond farewell or memories of the time we fell.

Your au revoir, long overdue, and still I think you always knew that I would be the one to cry because you never said goodbye.

- December 11, 2014. -

"ESEL0155.jpg" by is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

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