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Book Review: Trumpets of Jericho by Logan Christie

Trumpets of Jericho by Logan Christie ****(4 Stars)

Trumpets of Jericho by Logan Christie begins with a fascinating preface by the author about the paradox of gratitude and privilege. I absolutely loved it. However, once I sat down with the story I had some trouble getting into it. Once I did I found it to be a compelling noiresque novel about an unreliable narrator just kind of gliding through life. One part philosophical brain bomb and a second, campy romp through drugs and sex, Christie makes a point to flex his writing chops and poetic syle all while maintaining an intricate balance between dark and light. There were some parts of the book that felt a little wordy and overly melodic for the harsher nature of the narrative. That being said the author has a style all his own and he really rocks it. Typically I don't enjoy stories about sex and drugs but being an author myself and just being alive, sometimes life just wanders into those territories. Trumpets of Jericho is a steadfast reminder that we are all in a never-ending cycle of peace, drama and resolution. Simon, the main character, and his struggle raise larger questions about the nature of intimacy, suffering and just what the hell we are all doing on this giant rock floating through space. Late in the novel, as Simon delves deeper into his psyche and in a lot of cases his humanity and purpose, the book takes a spiritual turn and plays into the title in an impactful way leading to an unexpected and wild climax. I thought it was a good, solid debut effort from the young author. Looking forward to the next book coming down the pipeline. (Four Stars) ****

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