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Coming Soon in 2023: RETURNING TO MADNESS


Book three in the "Corners" mental illness saga.

"In the aftermath of George Floyd's death, Daniel struggles with alcoholism and coming to terms with the demons from his past. Joyful days caring for his disabled clients turn to restless nights, trapped in a bottle filled with trauma and missed opportunities. Struggling for answers, his girlfriend Paaj seeks to make sense of it all. At the peak of addiction Daniel falls victim to a Chinese conspiracy theory that threatens his life as he knows it. Will he drown in a sea of delusions or rise up to make the inner compromises that he deseves?

In this east meets west pandemic era drama, cultures collide, merge and fade as our main character struggles with his spiritual identity and holding a place in the world. Daniel's fight for survival often seems grim but his life truly shines when he surrenders to the realities of those who love him. In a true spiritual successor to 'Corners Untouched by Madness: A Personal Journey of Overcoming Mental Illness,' old rivalries emerge as ghosts from the past reappear to encourage Daniel

to turn the other cheek."

This book is currently being written. The story is loosely based on the period between the death of George Floyd and the present day. Life comes at you fast and I am not sure if the ending of the book has arrived quite yet. As in my debut novel I am still currently living the story. Stay tuned for more info!

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