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Corners Untouched by Madness is recognized in Los Angeles with an Honorable Mention nod!

We did it! Corners Untouched by Madness has been

recognized at the 2021 Los Angeles Book Festival in the

Autobiography/Biography/Memoir Category!

It has been a hard road. My mental health through the pandemic has been worse than it was within the pages of my book, but you know what? I am a stronger person now. I have the coping skills to make it through these difficult circumstances.

The Los Angeles Festival is part of a larger series of book festivals put on by JM Northern Media. In the coming months Corners Untouched by Madness will be judged by literary experts in San Fransisco, New York City and Paris, France. Entries are weighed by general excellence and the author's passion for telling a good story as well as the potential of the work to gain a wider audience in the worldwide market.

Thank you all once again for being a part of this journey and watch out for more special messages regarding these future events.

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