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Everyday - A Poem by N. Daniel


Her gentle smiles remained hidden behind pursed lips. Too overwhelmed by youthful questioning they still weren't quite ready to share the timeless wisdom in her deep brown eyes.

Her ears listened with thoughtful compassion that discovered celestial silence in every waking moment and her nose whispered quietly on her face doing it's best not to disturb them.

Her hands were careful and considerate because they knew what it was like to be small and fragile, and her arms held them in a tender embrace that promised beauty to everything that they touched.

Her minature toes just barely reached the ground and when they did her graceful feet followed. Though coming behind sometimes felt less significant, they still cared for each tiny digit on long, cold winter nights.

Her head was filled with impossible daydreams, that saw never-ending dances of forgotten love stories and her heart selflessly held onto all of these things because it was still living each and every one of them,


- August 21, 2014 -

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