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For Elliot - A Poem by N. Daniel

Updated: Sep 8, 2019

Sunrise in the foothills above Boise, Idaho.

For Elliot

You went through life at such a pace.

At birth you nearly ran a race!

I follow you, more slowly now,

in quiet steps my heart allows.

Your childhood was built with care.

Colorful blocks strewn everywhere!

Each one a vibrant part of you,

The foundation on which you grew.

Venturing out into the world,

You loved, you danced, your dreams unfurled.

Camping! Fishing! Hunting! Canoes!

You tended to a goal or two.

Discovery urged you to create.

You plucked rock songs on strings of fate!

Your anthems heard so clearly still,

Though youthful, played with profound skill.

It seems a dream, your boyhood face.

The sheepish smirk I can't replace.

My subtle tease, your withheld grin.

Your eyes alight to pierce my dim.

I went outdoors this afternoon

And in the breeze I caught your tune.

Your gaze shined warmly from the sun.

I felt your smile. I felt each one.

- September 6, 2019. -

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