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Geisha - A Poem by N. Daniel


A scarlet sun would soon rise, running down curving cobbled streets, escaping through once crowded outlets and elapsing entryways, disguised by dawn.

Blooming blossoms were ripe for plucking beneath the secret longing of red street lamps, the first smell of bittersweet fragrance nimbly nestling between their blushing petals.

The night that could never be forgotten was now ending, abruptly and ashamed, for deep down inside those fertile flowers a tiny cardinal softly began singing.

Rays were now whispering over rooftops and searching the sides of ornate brick buildings, bursting into tears of burning crimson as the darkness dropped desperately to its knees.

Shining smiles of rushing sanguine watched shadows sink from deserted street corners, casting beams brighter than the sun reflected on a blade that was carefully consumed in Harakiri.

- September 1, 2014 -

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