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He Willed It So - A poem by N. Daniel

Updated: Sep 7, 2019

Saint Paul de Vence, France - 2016

He willed it so...

He earned her love. He willed it so. This void inside him could be whole But force is not a love to make. She never would be his to take.

The crowds had urged, “He fought for you! He was your knight! He lead the coup! He went to war to set you free!” He had been wrong. It would not be.

His boldness was an iron cage. His obsessed love, His jealous rage, Begged so sincerely to implore. Surely, he could not be ignored!

The silence, like a cruel arrow Drawn back against her fearful bow, Was shot! She knew her aim was true. His impure heart had been run through!

Stumbling back he gasped for breath, Could this attraction be his death? Her rejection had pierced his core. It only made him love her more!

His wound was deep. He took his leave To wear his pain upon his sleeve, Hopeful that one day she would know This verse was hers. He willed it so.

- Written for those who make every effort only to receive nothing. -

- April 14, 2018. -

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