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Hinderance - A Poem by N. Daniel

Photo by Lau keith


These Chinese dreams in golden hues were something she was forced to choose. American friends could never know her graceful looks were just for show. She fought to hide the fact each day that her young face concealed a way behind perfection, honest truth, that her hindrance was more than youth. Her confidence was always frail when shrouded in her crimson veil, wishing on the reluctant stars. that say, "I'm different than you are." The freedom earned was not her own, only a pain that she called home, so with dark eyes and expert style she hid behind a lovely smile. This inward hurt became her strength, and would not die at any length. It burned deep down within her soul and forged success, her fated role.

- Written October 2014 -

- Updated May 2023 -

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