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In Lives Before - A Poem by N. Daniel

Gare de Nice-Ville Train Station - Nice, France 2016

In Lives Before

In lives before you were so kind. I swore I'd try to make you mine, but more have passed without you near. Your voice I have so longed to hear.

Each day at eight I ride the train and wait for love, often in vain. Now who should walk into my view? A new and different kind of you.

You smile and say "I'm late today, can you please help me find my way?" I offer aid but then I hide, remembering all the lives I've cried.

Even though my love is small, it held you in your graceful fall. With each kind act I hope you see that you are discovering me.

When this existence is all gone it sings its once familiar song. Born again close to your sound, I am in heaven on the ground.

- July 26, 2014.  © All rights reserved -

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