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Jen's Tree - A Poem by N. Daniel

Jen's Tree

Nature planted the sacred seeds Deep within the heart of the divine. Her tears and prayers became the pure water, That tore apart the hardened husks And nourished their pious piths. Jen's hopes burst out blindly, Feverishly searching for sincerity, Roots reaching desperately down Into the soft, moist soil of the eternal. This foundation fed her dreams. A stalk sprang forth into the sky, Leaves dancing daintily through the ether, Accessing the ancient wisdom of the cosmos And enduring the duplicitous attacks Of ignorance and desire. Jen's soul was sustained by sunlight, Which peaked through the clouds of her pride, Fostering a thick trunk of fibrous bark Like a second skin that scared away The false and the faint of heart. Through the seasons she grew, guarded, In the garden of God's bliss, Until the day her roots reached the earth And sunk joyously into the surface, Penetrating the waiting heart of humanity.

- December 23, 2017 -

Photo by Matthew Smith -

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