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Donate to Liberty in North Korea

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

PK and I sporting our LiNK gear at Saint Anthony Falls, Minneapolis MN

After studying Tibetan Buddhism, it is true that I have kind of a love/hate relationship with China. Love/Hate meaning I love the Chinese people and their culture, but despise the Chinese government. I believe they are single-handedly destroying Tibetan Buddhism and everything it stands for in their quest for power, domination and forced obedience.

They have created an environment in which peaceful protest is impossible. You could be thrown in jail without due process. You could be placed in a forced internment camp, reminiscent of Soviet era gulags. Your family could be separated with limited possibility of ever being reunited. All this for believing something that conflicts with the wider pro-China government narrative.

North Korea exists as an unwanted satellite of the Chinese government. They support the North Korean Regime even as it threatens the rest of the world with nuclear war. Conditions in the North are exponentially worse than those in China and basic human rights are nonexistent. Many North Koreans experience extreme suffering, violence, oppression and starvation on a daily basis. To even have a chance at life, many attempt to flee over the border into China.

Enter Liberty for North Korea. LiNK has built an underground network of safe-houses to aid refugees who have made it to China. They establish routes to help fleeing North Koreans make it safely to friendlier countries like South Korea or the United States. Many have relatives there waiting for them. Without LiNK North Korean refugees could be easily caught and sent back to the hostile nation where they could face violent abuse and forced imprisonment. LiNK has saved over 1,000 refugees as of the writing of this blog post.

You could be sent to a prison for two to three years if you are caught aiding North Koreans in China. Mainland China is like a police state, under constant surveillance, and harboring these individuals is a constant danger. That is why it is so important to fund organizations like LiNK.

I ask you please to stand with the North Korean people and those in China who risk their livelihood in order to help them. The stakes have never been higher. To Donate to Liberty in North Korea, or to buy merchandise from their online store, visit

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