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Meet the Editor: Polly Tuckett

Polly Tuckett speaks with a fresh, contemporary voice steeped in the literary traditions of Flaubert, Maupaussant and Proust. She is a Leicester-based writer of short fiction and poetry and her work has appeared in many print and online journals, including Areté and Brittle Star. Her stories have been shortlisted for the Bridport and Fish prizes. She is currently working on a cycle of character-themed poems in French.

"I was delighted to be offered the chance to edit Nick's book. Its subject is one close to my heart as I too have battled mental illness, so I was raring to get going on it. My first impressions were: here's a diamond in the rough! It was a little sprawling, sure, and needed tightening up in places, but the narrative voice was strong and the themes passionately addressed. I only did a one-pass edit then Nick took the baton from there and polished up his diamond ready for publication.

I can't wait to see what he writes next!"

- Polly

You can check out Polly's collection of short prose, The Josephs and Other Stories, on the Stonewood Press website.

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