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Pillow Talk - A Poem by N. Daniel

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

Pillow Talk

The past had never been his friend and it was hellish to pretend that he had never told a lie, but truth would make his Ammnah cry. She reveled in the tiny crimes that would slip out from time to time, afraid to ask if there was more, accepting of his bolted door. 'Some other time', he always said and often Ammnah felt misled. This man that she had come to know was so concealed in long ago. Somewhere beneath the thickest skin he would divulge his every sin to feel her love so far away. He hoped to find the strength one day! Ammnah had always been content with pillow talk and half the rent, their inside jokes, their long goodbyes and slowly learning reasons why.

Photo by Annie Spratt

- 2015 -

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