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Serene Foothills - A Poem by N. Daniel

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Serene Foothills

She traveled west, through verdant plains,

through cragged and broken mountain range

She sought a doctor's kind exchange

To cure her heart's affliction strange.

Atop a peak she caught a chill.

Cut by the wind she lost her will.

The frigid snow fell silent, still

serene foothills, a cold good will.

Downhill a rambler passing through

Approached, his gentle eyes imbued

a salve that soothes the scar tissue

and mends a soul that split in two.

Deeply he knelt, kindled a fire.

She warmed herself, sweetly admired.

His handsome features now inspired,

her speech, to mention, to inquire.

He told her of his home below

serene foothills, beneath the snow,

she would be safe there from her woe

his eyes glistened, the flames aglow.

She simpered in the dancing light,

her wounds had eased their appetite

on this man's kindness, calm and bright,

Serene foothills under starlight.

Two winters passed, they birthed a child,

and with her heart she reconciled,

it's painful ways now tender, mild.

Serene foothills, she softly smiled.

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