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So What - A Poem by N. Daniel

So What

Living life at arms length was never what she wanted, but sometimes you can't have a choice. You need to resist reality.

A bridge that spans the distance would only let others cross. "...And so what if they did? So what?" she chided herself a little too harshly.

Her secrets were too honest for a common understanding and her quiet, quilted past would only cause others confusion.

"SO WHAT?" she screamed. "SO WHAT IF I AM AFRAID TO GO OUTDOORS?" "So what if I can't look at myself in the mirror without seeing some one I hate? So what?"

"So what?..." she whimpered, and in losing her resolution, retreated. "So what?..." she began to break down, returning to the safe side of the expanse.

"SO WHAT?..." she sobbed, her fiery weeping drowning in tears. "SO WHAT?..." she wailed, her heart smoldering on the floor.

"So what...?" she exhaled. "So what...?" she sighed. "So what...?" she whispered, as she opened herself to healing.

Afterward her quivering mouth clung to the small hint of a simper, a tiny hope in the vast sea of insecurity. Her soft, subtle voice spoke out across the void.

"Who cares what they think,” she uttered, picking herself up and carrying on. “SO WHAT?” she exclaimed defiantly.

“So what...?”

For Jen.

- 2018 -

Photo: "Cry For Me" by Sierra O'Mara Schwartz is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

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