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The Art of the Humanity and Government Involvement

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From my new book:

The Careful Art of Politics in the Balance of Humanity

The Art of the Humanity and Government Intervention

It's safe to say that the domestic government and military makes up a very small demographic in the United States. In a perfect world there would be a federal employee there to help every civilian but to say the actual workforce is barebones is an understatement. It seems the Fed is always short on resources, time and human care. The bureaucracy and lack of coverage turns individuals into numbers but the miscommunication is that this is something that is purposeful. The government's goal is to ensure the welfare and safety of the American people. No one is meant to be left wanting or unaccounted for but the logistics of managing hundreds of millions of people and respecting every single one are an impossibility. Also, getting involved in complex or troubling situations is difficult as the long arm of the Fed is seen as a bull in a China shop and not the careful, gentle touch that individuals and families have come to deserve and respect. Government employees want what is best for the country and advocate for them in every way. They just paint with some pretty broad strokes. Decisions that maintain stability are always made to cut corners yet in turn this creates its own set of problems. Workers can't exercise the nuance or emotional support to be precise. It's an interesting paradox.

A politician navigates a complex web of corporations, government entities, community organizations, illicit groups and familial systems to maintain order. Not many have an official political affiliation. The term democrat or republican is a set of standards or guidelines that they use to micromanage these groups. Political dynamics are a nightmare and there are so many problems that spring up that governments and representatives have their own network of individuals, both trained and untrained, that they use to resolve disputes. The agenda of the political party is meant to dictate how the leaders react but it is good to understand that your representative must have agreements and relationships with everyone, even rivals, aggressors and individuals known to be criminals. To say politics requires a certain degree of corruption is only true because politicians have to deal and agree with corrupt individuals on a daily basis. That is why it is said that there is no such thing as an honest politician.

In terms of honesty the truth is that sometimes society can't handle it. The world has been so incredibly secretive throughout human history that any severe degree of transparency could spark riots or civil unrest. The government typically decimates this complex information slowly over time in a way that won't spark panic. That is why sometimes you hear about events years after they occur. The knowledge is kept secret to maintain order in the population. This is seen as a necessary evil and as an author who has considered the repercussions I support this methodology. Consider the following: The Government is like Dr Strange in the Avengers movies. They have the ability to see possible outcomes for the country and when there is trouble, unrest or harm in their vision they must choose a different path. Sometimes that requires withholding information, emphasizing other ideas or downplaying situations that could disrupt the timeline of the country. The people in charge care very deeply for the country and want to choose the path that is best for not only the United States but the world at large. When leaders gather they iron out these projections for the common good and welfare of all people. This process is what we call diplomacy and it begins at a grassroots level. With that in mind every interaction you make is part of this intricate diplomatic web. That is what we call interconnection.

You might have a dispute with a friend that needs to be resolved by someone higher up in the community. They in turn might need to even out the politics with someone with a similar level of power and respect. The person they use might also have to work it out. An individual above that might notice and need to smooth the more powerful individuals out and so on and so forth. This creates the complex situation of politics that is managed by your representative everyday and it is all covered by the simplistic blanket of democrats, republicans and independents. Issues rise and fall within the groups as congressmen and women play whack a mole all day, every day trying to resolve the issues. All we see as civilians are news segments about problematic events, but the politician sees something much deeper. They understand the moving pieces, the demographics, the groups and individuals involved. This is their neighborhood, their puzzle and when the pieces fall out of order they know how to put them back together to discover what happened and make it right. They want the complex blanket of politics to lay flat to prevent wrinkles but it never happens that way. That is why representatives always look embittered, beleaguered and beguiled. Every moment is a grind on the brain. Every moment of the day conflicts occur which stir the political mixing pot.

Take pity on those who run for office because although the fame is endearing, the inner workings of the politician are made of pain and insecurity. These little bumps and bruises make them more sensitive to attacks, praise and political assassinations giving them a political “spider-sense.” What they pay for this ability is hurt, betrayals, bad publicity and the rawest, nastiest part of adulthood. I am not sure why someone would want to run for political office for these reasons. It is a thankless job that should be thrust upon the best of us rather than sought after. People of honesty, morality and compassion should be forced to take political office. Currently some one easy to attack or unable to cover their shortcoming typically doesn't win. Still when you bring money, power, deceit and betrayal into the mix, evil people do often hold government office. When this happens the country loses and in turn, humanity fails.

Good political practice and government involvement is an exercise in ethics. When the government is free from corruption it moves fluidly. It can help whoever it needs to. It can reach out and be gentle, guiding those who have been hurt or abused in the correct direction. However, when it is dishonest it becomes bogged down, swamp-like and bureaucratic. Resources are misused and the population goes wanting, creating civil unrest and disobedience. That is why accuracy is so needed when you are an agent of the government in a capacity. The truth saves lives. It encourages harmony. When you lie it is almost as though you can only use a portion of your brain because the remainder is being used to orchestrate the lie. Being honest leaves your brain open to think effectively. It makes you a better person, a better leader and a more effective politician. Yes, there is no such thing as an honest politician, but in being kind and honest at heart they can manage the duplicitous nature of others in a way that does no harm to the population. In this way politics is an exercise in compassion. For some an “evil” skill worth developing.

Saturday May 27th, 2023

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