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The Balance of Love in Politics

Photo by U.S. Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Cristian L. Ricardo

The Balance of Love in Politics

A Passage from my new work

"The Subtle Art of Suffering in the Balance of Love."

Every country has a unique personality all their own on the “middle way.” They create politics that wrap around worry and desire creating fear, unity, miscommunication and communion. The delicate balance of politics, race and culture inspires unity and discord in equal measure. When vantage points collide in love and war there is conflict and equilibrium. The tsunami of the global political identity catapults through time. As countries gain prominence in the world they fight for dominance until they become global leaders. When physical control in the world is achieved and the empire becomes global, eventually the tide recedes and the political systems collapse. The United States and the United Kingdom both created networks of influence across the globe but as their societies crest they have become spiritual leaders. They discover that involving themselves in the politics of other countries is problematic and that a more subtle hand is necessary to gently encourage independence and freedom. China and Russia are just beginning to learn these lessons. Citizens in opposing nations can now see each other as they never have before as they are more unified than they have ever been. There is more understanding as many of the international conflicts have become internal. Feelings of love for others within the hearts of the people still meet hostility in national politics however.

Skating the line of appropriate politics has become an intricate balancing act as every country has their own version of balance. The United States has polarized agendas which baptizes the political climate in fire, creating a way through the world all their own. The subtlety of the United Kingdom is a more delicate tension. Gentle insults are issued, where a lesser slight is seen as more damaging in its intelligence. A light humor that gets the biggest laugh and barely misses the mark creates the equilibrium with the hurtfulness in politics. China adds influence toward themselves lightly politically, drawing countries in. In turn this creates frustration as they typically give themselves an advantage and don't exercise fairness in their politics. Russia takes affairs very seriously creating rigidity in their outcomes, forcing conflict and misunderstanding while remaining calm and dominant. Every country balances in their own respect. Some are more helpful than others. None really hit the mark and they all vibrate politically in their own way. The strands of politics weave together in harmony and disagreement. The good and bad forces which blindly oppose and work together purify humanity with conflict and create a very human path in the universe.

Egalitarian politics create harmony nationally. They focus on caring for the population through domestic and social issues. The care of liberals is needed when the country is not doing well and people are suffering. Things like education, healthcare, welfare and wellbeing become important in these times of great need. When a country is failing or not doing well egalitarian agendas are enacted to pull the country out of turmoil as conservative politicians measure the balance. In this way the crisis becomes a matter of effort where those who are in charge of care do the heavy lifting with counterparts who help them remain stable. The New Deal during the great depression is a wonderful expression of this. Social politics were created to employ and lift civilians up after their lives were ruined economically. The nature of egalitarianism is nurturing and supportive. Liberal politicians seek to provide for everyone and ensure diverse people have what they need to survive. Life is still very much a fight for survival for many on earth and we need egalitarian politicians who care about these matters. Egalitarianism is very much feminine in nature but also has an aspect of the divine.

On the other hand conservative politicians seek to provide in a more protective way. They manage assets, budget and expound foreign policy that safeguards the nation both physically and economically. Conservatives encourage independence, free thought and achievement in every aspect of life. They want citizens to pick themselves up while liberals encourage more of a dependent safety net where people rely on each other. In this way conservatives have a very masculine essence with an aspect of nature in braving the elements of life. In times of growth conservative politicians take the helm, using their connections in business and international issues to manage successful endeavors that increase wealth and contentment. Liberal politicians offer support to anyone who isn't correctly influenced by these changes in the financial landscape. Trickle- down economics is still incredibly inefficient and not everyone is able to share the spoils during times of prosperity. It is the job of egalitarian politicians to streamline this system as conservatives gather resources. A good example of an era like this would be the eighties and nineties when technology, achievement and innovation was at an all time high. People long for these happy periods in history but as we coast high on the tide it must recede and effort must be encouraged in order to ride the next wave. It is always a group effort.

During the Trump administration of 2016 I was a liberal democrat living and working in Downtown Minneapolis as a caregiver. I spent a lot of time around other liberals and when the conservative president became problematic, they became angry. It

frightened me how such compassionate people could have so much violence in their thoughts. This scared me to the point that I became much more neutral in my politics to cover the difference. I began learning about the conservative base and how to balance my points of reference. Navigating the political landscape was suddenly a tightrope I could walk skillfully. When the pandemic and the death of George Floyd shocked the nation the balance was shaken so hard that I was left in a rut, in confusion and suffering greatly. It took me quite some time to regain my footing but once I did it was easier to maintain equilibrium. It's important to note that getting knocked around like this helps us know where the boundaries are in our worry and desire. It builds proper barriers when we are manhandled one way or the other. In establishing these walls that protect us on either side we can bounce back and forth and find our happy medium on the middle path of life.

The politics of love are simple once you understand these easy concepts. Most men are divine with the aspect of nature, just as a conservative politician is. Most women are nature with an aspect of the divine, just as a liberal politician is. Everyone on earth is some mixture of the two. Some men are one hundred percent nature. Some women are one hundred percent divine. That being said, the truth is that life is never static. The fluidity of love sees our nature changing, not as something concrete like the seasons, but something unpredictable like the weather. Even when we seem to know what's going on our courses change, either ruining or making our day. The subtle serendipity of the divine and the forcefulness of nature mocks and delights us with their distinct pushes and pulls this way and that. Our essence may be masculine or feminine but the playfulness of both instills a constant flow as we float through the currents of time. Being balanced politically is a practice in appreciating and honoring the sacred mixture of the divine and nature in every human being. Once we learn to find harmony in caring for and protecting one another our nations can finally know peace.

- Saturday April 1, 2023 -

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