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The Feast Awaits - A Poem by N. Daniel

The Feast Awaits

My favorite place, not far away, a sublime dining room by day, the safest haven, hideaway a room I often long to stay.

There are angels, lovely, and small who answer to your every call whose ease and greatness, all and all. Whose graceful movements do enthrall.

Your orders echo with a song that's soft and sweet, seldomly wrong. Parchment and quill carried along, To scribe, to welcome, to belong.

They whisk away to parts unknown, perhaps to gardens overgrown. Where seeds of love and care are sown to lay the fruits before the throne.

The feast awaits, the table set the splendors cause you to forget. There is no worry, fear or threat. The price you pay? A humble debt.

For Thai Table, my favorite restaurant.

- February 11, 2019 -

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