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My Kingdom - A Poem by N. Daniel

The Kingdom

I'm searching through a bin of clothes two pairs of socks with intact toes a gifted blazer, patched elbows some woman's fishnet pantyhose! These finds are good, but not so great perhaps within another crate there will be garb i'd call first rate the priceless treasures I await! Maybe I'll find a boho top or a high fashion vintage crop pile them high in the thrift shop and watch me do a belly flop! The competition to my right directly in my line of sight should know that mound's my copyright I'd fight them but they're twice my height! My time is short. It's getting dark street lights illumine the car park I am the grandest matriarch of the kingdom known as Poshmark!

- March 25, 2020 -

Photo - "The "Dig 'n Save"" by Alex Cheekis licensed underCC BY-SA 2.0

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