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The Nuances of Sexual Repression Understood by an Educated Virgin. (Adult)

The Nuances of Sexual Repression

Understood by an Educated Virgin. (Adult)

The song “My Future” by Billie Eilish is about staying alone through your youth and studying how sexual interactions and politics effect your trajectory through life. Inappropriate influence orchestrating, manipulating and disguising sexual interactions is gently guided by nearly every sphere of society. It is a taboo subject to breach but nearly everyone wants your relationship and your intimacy to have a positive outcome for them. Your family, your religious institution, even your employer might have a stake in who you date and how you interact with them. The solution to understanding how to mastermind your life spiritually, socially, politically and even economically begins with chastity. Another term for spiritual influence is sexual influence. Even what has become known as foreign influence is a part of that. Removing yourself from the scenarios your fellow humans force upon you and attempting to interpret the subtle flow of love and hate can help you comprehend the complex futures and harmonies of interaction. Being chaste helps you identify manipulators, abusers and scam artists. When you see an orgasm as the pinnacle of divine love and not a piece of currency or dose of narcotics you begin to understand that the build up to the moment is even more important than the release itself.

Appropriate sexual orchestration typically involves conversation, serendipity and vulnerability. Foreplay becomes important as you remove all of the political and spiritual gambits from your partner so that you can form a sincere, perfect bond. The union of yourself and your partner becomes a conversation between the divine and the cosmos. Any forceful action that comes between you to make the interaction good for a third party is a perversion that could destroy your relationship or ultimately be bad for the person influencing. When a couple joins together in intimacy it is almost as though they form a timeline that leads to the next interaction. Uniting in harmony and love makes the path clear, touching everyone they interact with in a positive, mutual way. Guidance from other parties creates turbulence or disturbance. When this influence interacts with this middle path of love it can often be redirected and lead to complications. Perhaps making things beneficial for your family creates rivalries or hostilities. Masterminding a power couple for a corporation creates competition and espionage. A political union could inspire dysfunction in a country as the relationship is not designed to benefit the human race but a very specific group of people. Saving humanity would also make your country proud. Looking at the broader political spectrum intimate interactions can be a precursor to war as they build up over time. Making a relationship that is only good for a chosen few inspires division. When films speak of true love what they actually mean is a perfect equilibrium that becomes beautiful for all of civilization.

When intimacy contains politics and influence this bond between God and the universe becomes severed. The barrier can inspire domestic abuse, sexual violence, and mental illness that could spiral out of control and destroy society. Worse is when a couple joins together to dominate over others sexually, asserting spiritual influence to guide society in the direction of their pleasing. Without a loving interaction they lose their connection to divinity. Authority is no longer assigned from this cosmic place of romance and affection but is replaced by the carnal desires of the id. Decisions are made to satisfy addiction, feed the ego and reinforce a feeling of superiority over other individuals. This means that the will of society is asserted by our worst impulses. We are no longer leading in a moral way that is compassionate, healing and understanding. We don't think about cause and effect and only the moment of pleasure that typically leaves us feeling empty and pathetic. We have forgotten that romance that is directly tied to a deep feeling of peace, empathy and nurturing is what actualizes us in our daily lives. Our homes no longer feel safe because our sexual aggression without thinking of repercussions leads to collateral damage. The political lives of those who support us and help us hide our deviance also get put into jeopardy, creating a domino effect of micromanagement that keeps us from considering other ideas and points of view.

Intimacy in mindfulness, when man and woman, man and man or woman and woman are united in loving bliss and balance is the best possible scenario for our sexual lives. Feelings of violence, intimation and aggression that enter into our stream of consciousness during sex create deception, false conclusions and disconnect us from that future sung about in the lyrics of the song. You can practice bondage and still be loving in the interaction. Accepting pain in love from a person you admire can also be liberating. Feeling hurt for your partner can be actualizing because it shows them that you can manage your feelings of betrayal appropriately, giving you an opportunity to feel deeper affection for them. It is the bond of hatred in intimacy that is the enemy when it comes to dominance. This is typically tied to the fear of losing your partner, a need to be invasive in their lives and to ensure that they can never get away from you. In intimacy a partner might see a better future for themselves. If they are loved and respected, they should be encouraged to leave and actualize their romantic existence. The reason the world has not been romantically enlightened is that fear that our love for one another might be lost is draining the atmosphere of oxygen. If you and your partner are only meeting selfish objectives that irritate others it may be time to reconsider the partnership.

The micro-interaction of influence in the world is sexual activity and desire. As a civilization it has always been our need for love and affection that has guided us. No matter how jaded we get romantically we still yearn for it. It gives us the courage to save one another. We feel inspired to impress our partners with new opportunities and concepts. It drives humanity forward creatively, mathematically and scientifically. The desire for recognition and our fellow humans to be enamored with our methods is the divine engine that will someday pull is through climate crisis and into the cosmos. Knowing that how we feel about one another in our most passionate, intimate moments creates the tiny eddies that can lead to tidal waves of change is our meditation. Understanding that the hurt we feel for our partner carves out intimacy is our study. Protecting intercourse from outside influence and creating intimacy that respects, supports and inspires our loved ones is our practice. Predatory sexual influence undermines civil liberties. Intimate connection should be a sacrament of trust protected by our laws and safeguarded by the judicial system as a sacred boundary that can only be entered by consenting individuals. Romance is about creating good conditions for one another, interweaving our destinies beautifully into the larger tapestry of the universe. Freedom of expression must include sexual expression. Love should be an open field and not a hallway designed to lead and manipulate. When you are in love with earth and the future of the human race, this romance might find you someday. Those who do not force the conclusion are destined to fulfill it.

November 15th, 2023

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