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The Spoils - A Poem by N. Daniel

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

PK ready for action.

The Spoils

She grits her teeth. The backwards cap cradles the sweat earned every lap. Her calves, they burn. Her stomach churns. Surely her pains will yield returns!

The speed increases with a zip. The belt hastens, she almost trips. Her muscles smolder from the force, Regain balance, steady her course.

Her silent oath, her humble prayer: "Why do I endure this despair? If I'm a failure strike me down! I'll end the chase, renounce my crown!"

"I will retreat to points unseen, grow fat like a retired queen! Then I will have my just desserts. I'll eat candies until I burst!"

Another step, another mile. She stops the treadmill with a smile. At last she's won! Oh, how she aches. Now for the spoils...


- February 20, 2019. -

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