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Undone - A Poem by N. Daniel


Glimmering rays of reclusive moonlight grasped feverishly underneath his soft white linens, passing over the brisk valleys and hopeful ambitions that should have constricted his coal into diamonds.

However dreams don't often yield jewels, only distances that hide between isolated stars traversed by the same withdrawn light that casts shadows where lovers once lay sleeping.

Though the passion of his sunlight was blinding it could not endure its own honest reflection shamelessly revealing his silent questions. "Who does she need? Who does she love?"

Her subtle unspoken answers pierced his heart as the pale white beams that he had to embrace for his only other options were those faraway stars, too distant for anything other than "What if...?"

So he curled up in the brilliant crescent moon, bathing deeply in its agonizing luminescence. Falling apart completely was a quiet acceptance though in this gentle weeping his unfortunate universe...

…could finally come undone.

- November 3, 2014 -

"30 / 365 Good night all." by C_Dave is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

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