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Women's Liberation Explained by a Man with a Female Psyche

Updated: Nov 11

Photo by Lindsey LaMont - Unsplash

Women's Liberation Explained by a Man with a Female Psyche An Essay by Author N. Daniel After years of working with and around women with authority in social circles I have learned a lot about the women's liberation movement by both supporting and being attacked by feminists. The heart of the movement was meant to be empowering female voices and gender equality but given that the system is structured, grandfathered and orchestrated for traditional patriarchal families, progressions like “me too” have slowly sunk into a smash and grab to gain power and control political dynamics that are cemented in bedrock with male authority. The power structures that this agenda is trying to uproot is solidified in centuries of bloodshed, political strife and horror that has traditionally been attributed to men murdering each other while women were protected at home. The laws surrounding gender are mostly unspoken, silently uttered between the words of the constitution and cultivated into the national psyche through years of religious and political indoctrination. Gender has become an arch-type, personas that we have all come to know and understand that make life more simplistic. Pulling back it isn't really that simple. Concepts like gender fluidity are becoming more prevalent. If you look at history this theory has always existed. A heterosexual man can be more feminine in nature and be a Don Juan. Members of the conservative party typically prefer women who think more like men. The establishment of traditional gender roles most likely happened to suppress sexuality and prohibit homosexuality and sodomy. Theoretically the story of Sodom and Gomorrah was not about being gay but about using pain and sex to manipulate people. When this unwholesome influence reached the surrounding city states the locals might have proclaimed it witchcraft and burnt them down. The groups known as “Women's Liberation” and “The Patriarchy” are using similar methods to dominate for control as the superior gender, undermining the holy doctrine that men and women are meant to love in harmony. Using sex and intimacy to hurt a partner or a third party is a defilement of human nature and a vandalism of beauty. Without love in romance the spiritual progression of civilization comes to a standstill. Themes of romance become competitions attempting to destroy instead of cooperation that benefit the community. What women's liberation actually should have been is becoming one with nature. To love men unrequited without harm. To learn from the suffering of his foolishness and to pick him up and teach him the correct methods. The strength of the universe is feminine in her support and protection. The strength of God is masculine in his frustration and failure to please her. If only women would understand that the pain they feel makes them superior to men. Their ability to withstand hardship and be the stronger person. Knowing weak men hurt others to maintain their supremacy should be a melancholy knowing and a humbleness that the path never leads anywhere worthwhile. Not many know that taking a hard fall in life at least once is guaranteed to every human and those who neglect the duty consume a dose of spiritual cyanide. These concepts are ingrained in every female on the planet yet still they want what the men have. The question is, if you didn't like the mistreatment why would you want access to a similar type of control over others? Why would you want to perpetuate a system where both men and women offer the same type of abuse to establish equality? The reason you have felt superior for so long is because you weren't a part of this horrible system of oppression. As soon as women began to grasp at this power it was as though they sunk to the bottom of the pyramid scheme. They were given sacrificial lambs to be slaughtered. High profile rapists and predators were selected to appease them, to feed their lust for equality and glory. This only made them thirstier as they climbed up the patriarchal ponzi scheme. Eventually the men at the top told them who should be protected and who shouldn't. They received political kickbacks, settlements and payments for leaving certain men alone. At some point the men in control began telling them which males would accept responsibility for the crimes that were committed. They were never told that many of them were innocent, which led to political and social chaos. Women who wanted justice began getting incriminated for falsehoods and slander. Soon the patriarchy was back in control and the agenda was just another cog in the broader machine. The peaceful social justice movement was reduced to a criminal syndicate that protects rapists and pedophiles from wrongdoing while those unallied or unable to properly cover themselves politically were framed, humiliated and isolated. In a society where intimacy is no longer an act of love but an act of violence, control and fear, the God-loving, peaceful people of earth could no longer prosper and move forward. Man and Woman became the manipulative cities of Sodom and Gomorrah that will eventually destroy themselves and crumble into the infernos of the greater cosmos. Right Sexuality should be a karmic theme in the eightfold path in Buddhism. Forceful lack of consent should be one of the seven deadly sins. It is written into our laws as life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We are all fundamentally guaranteed to live our lives whole and unmolested. It was a different time then but even our founding fathers had the clarity to mention it. My advice to women of the feminist movement would be to start a grassroots slow roll to get women into the higher reaches of corporate, political and social systems. The centuries of men protecting women with bloodshed and bravery cannot be undone in a several decades of protest. The best thing she can do is to feel the suffering, humiliation and anxiety that men could not feel and learn the lessons they were too afraid to understand. Doing this would create a more compassionate female leadership that would be better suited to make decisions for the welfare of humanity. To lash out in anger only takes a whim. It takes no thought. It requires no intelligence. To suffer, to empathize, to understand and to instruct is a stereotypical function of the female body which most males have lost their connection to. Lashing out in anger on a whim is what men do to protect this sacred transmutation. He is not meant to do this because he seeks to manipulate her, but because he loves her which should never be forgotten. The need for the feminine masculine and the masculine feminine has never been greater. Those who seek truth and peace understand and have access to both. These more complete beings that are connected to God and the Universe in both body and mind, performing the sacred communication that connects one to the other are the future of every movement on earth. They transcend women's liberation and the patriarchy, uniting man and woman for the betterment of human civilization. - November 11, 2023 -

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