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My main focus as a book reviewer is to elevate stories about mentally ill or disabled individuals. That being said if you are a first time author that has a unique voice and story to tell feel free to send me your pitch. I can't guarantee that I will read your book as I am not one of the "hard core" reviewers out there. I would love to stay in touch with the writing community by taking in some manuscripts and trying to help as best I can. If you have something important to say and a story to back it up, by all means reach out! Give me your best shot. Your work has a safe place here.

What I prefer to read:

• Mental Health / Disability


• Voices from Minority Communities

• Literature that exposes a deep need for truth and action

I will consider other stories on a case by case basis. I will read pretty much anything. Please send your query and I will get back to you.

Send all requests to my e-mail: author [at] ndaniel [dot] us

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